Encapsulated active ingredients

TER Chemicals is continually expanding its product portfolio in order to meet the increasing consumer demand for innovative ingredients. We are proud to have once again found a first-class partner for the Life Science business unit in NanoScoping from Brazil to complement the cosmetics portfolio in the area of active ingredients with particularly high quality and performance.

Increase in efficiency and performance

Small particles with a big effect

With its many years of specialized and highly qualified experience in the field of nanotechnology. NanoScoping shows how the performance of active ingredients can be increased to the highest level through encapsulation. The environmental aspect is also a very hot topic: all raw materials are vegan, non-nano, biodegradable and are produced in a carbon-neutral process.

This reflects the substantial responsibility that NanoScoping assumes towards people, animals and the environment. 

Advantages of encapsulation at a glance

  • Enables the incorporation of lipophilic active ingredients into the water phase
  • Prevents incompatibilities between raw materials in the formulation
  • Protects sensitive active ingredients (such as vitamins) from oxidative degradation, thereby increasing their stability
  • Achieves a long-lasting effect through prolonged and targeted release of the active ingredients
  • Thanks to a high affinity with the stratum corneum, skin/hair penetration into deeper layers is increased and thus performance is optimized
  • Allows a lower usage level with the same powerful effect
  • Improves the texture and does not leave a sticky and greasy skin feeling

Exclusive NS AmazoniaEco series

A particular highlight is the NS AmazoniaEco series launched at in-cosmetics 2023 in Barcelona, which consists of three products. These are encapsulated blends of exclusive, natural oils from the Amazon region with impressive properties for skin and hair care.

Take a look at our partner’s exclusive portfolio to see how you can take your cosmetic formulations to the next level!

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