NOVOTEC® CB800 in TER frame formulations

Cleaning and detergent products that enable easier cleaning, protect surfaces from re-soiling, and are sustainable, environmentally, and health-friendly – this vision becomes reality with NOVOTEC® CB800 from GELITA. The innovative protein-based liquid concentrate imparts an easy-to-clean effect to common cleaning systems.

The eco-friendly solution for innovative surface cleaning

Easy-to-clean through hydrophilic surface protection

NOVOTEC® CB800 is the highly effective and eco-friendly solution for various household and industrial cleaners. The liquid, ready-to-use gelatin hydrolysate consists of functional proteins that form a stable, resistant film on the cleaned surface. Once water contacts the film surface, the proteins attract water molecules, creating a closed hydrophilic protective layer. This formed film protects against re-soiling and provides an easy-to-clean effect, simplifying subsequent cleaning with water. Additionally, it imparts an optical gloss to the treated surface.

Application tests with our TER bathroom and window cleaners show that the use of NOVOTEC® CB800 in the formulation can significantly improve cleaning performance and reduce the surfactant concentration of Coco Glucoside (AC425N from our partner Soho Aneco) or Laureth-7 (Surfant-AEO-7 from our partner Soho Aneco) by 50%, while still achieving faster cleaning compared to formulations without NOVOTEC® CB800. For window cleaners, soiling from permanent markers is removed after just 5 wipes when using the combination of Coco Glucoside and NOVOTEC® CB800.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • Natural polymer
  • Fully biodegradable (compliant with EU Ecolabel)
  • Allergen-free
  • Allows for pH-friendly formulation (skin- and eco-friendly)
  • Synergies with surfactants
  • Cost savings through reduction of other chemicals and water consumption
  • Indirect reduction of corrosion (effective surface protection)
  • Extension of cleaning intervals (time savings for the consumer) 

Be inspired and take a look at the results of the easy-to-clean test of the TER frame formulations.

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