Partnership: Heubach

Hamburg, August 8, 2023 - TER Chemicals Distribution Group has taken over responsibility for the distribution of Heubach inorganic color pigments, anti-corrosion pigments and pigment preparations as of June 1, 2023. The products expand TER Chemicals' portfolio in various applications, including coatings, plastics, printing inks and construction materials. The extensive collaboration with long-time partner Heubach covers distribution in Germany and Austria.

TER Chemicals and Heubach expand cooperation to include inorganic colored pigments, anti-corrosion pigments and pigment preparations in Germany and Austria

Inorganic pigments are particularly stable colorants derived from mineral compounds, while anti-corrosion pigments are used to protect metal surfaces from rusting.

"We are very pleased to have found and expanded with TER Chemicals a strong distribution partner with intact and flexible supply chains and a high customer focus for our pigments. The new partnership is expected to increase the availability of our products in the relevant application fields", says Hans-Jürgen Runde, Head of Marketing & Sales Europe at Heubach.

The Heubach product range is characterized by a wide variety of products suitable for a broad range of applications. Heubach offers customized solutions that meet the requirements of a wide range of industries.

"The expanded cooperation with Heubach opens up the opportunity for us to grow together with inorganic pigments as well. We are particularly pleased for our customers from the Paint & Coatings application area to be able to offer additional specialty products that meaningfully complement the portfolio", says Jens Vinke, Head of Business Unit CASE at TER Chemicals.

The Heubach Group, with sites in Germany, the USA, India and China, is an internationally active manufacturer of corrosion protection pigments as well as inorganic and organic color pigments, hybrid pigments and pigment preparations for applications in the coatings-, plastics-, printing inks- and construction materials industries, as well as for other high-quality specialty applications.

With annual sales of EUR 480.0 million and 360 employees at 21 locations, TER Chemicals Distribution Group is a global distributor of specialty chemicals with a focus on Europe. The product range of the CASE business unit extends from colorants/ pigments, pigment preparations and dyes to additives for a wide variety of applications, binders, dispersions as well as plastics, resins and process auxiliaries.

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Head of Business Unit CASE

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